Get Involved

There are numerous ways to get involved in our quest to empower those in our settlement to strive for a better life and a future filled with hope.

In a nutshell, this involvement can be in cash or in kind. Either method is equally appreciated.


Volunteering one’s time and efforts to positively touch the lives of others can be a deeply enriching experience, and this can be done through different levels of commitment.

  • Formal Commitment- This involves participating regularly in daily or weekly activities such as homework assistance at the ECD, extra lessons in Reading and Mathematics and the like as well as coaching in sports, music, and other extra-mural activities that are not offered at some of the schools that our children attend. This commitment allows us to plan our programs and activities as efficiently and professionally as possible.
  • Informal Commitment- We often plan day trips and excursions to places such as uShaka Marine World, the Beach, Museums and shows. We thus require assistance with transport and supervision on these excursions on an Ad-Hoc basis.
  • Professional Commitment- Wherever possible we assist our community with medical assistance in the case of emergencies and day to day cases. We seek the assistance of health care professionals such as Doctors, Dentists and the like. We also conduct learning assessments and follow up treatments requiring the services of Occupational and Speech Therapists and Child Psychologists.

“As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality exist in our world, none of us can truly rest.”

Nelson Mandela

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