Everybody deserves an Opportunity

The Seed Fund believes that everybody should have the chance to dream and be given the opportunity to succeed in life.

Meet Siphamandla, a matric pupil at Sea Cow Lake Secondary School. He has been elected as a prefect for 2018 and we are incredibly proud of his achievement and one of his matric subjects is EGD (Engineering Graphics and Design). He aspires to one day apply these skills to become an Architect.

However, in order for him to effectively study the subject, complete the necessary assignments and finish the syllabus he needs access to a laptop with the relevant software (AutoCad). The laptop that he was using is no longer operational.

Help us provide a platform for Sipha to reignite his dreams and change the fact that just because he is born into poverty, that it does not have to be his destiny.
Any donations big or small will go a long way to helping Sipha and many like him realise their dreams. If you would like to assist Sipha in reaching his dream, DM us or email us at info@theseedfund.co.za.
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