How We Plan to Tackle Education at The Seed Fund

A Homework center was started on 14 September 2017. It takes place in an
office on Thursday afternoons from 3.30pm – 4.30pm. The children are
collected at the settlement by volunteers and returned home at the end. A
team of volunteers, usually enough for one on one interaction with each
child, has contributed to the success of this program.  The children are
divided into two groups, Grade 1-4, and Grade 5-11. Most of the centre study
resources have come through public donations.

The logistics of taking the children is problematic and ideally we need a
container on site, at the settlement where we can run the homework centre.
This will facilitate ease of access and give us more days to be able to run
the homework centre. This is our most urgent need at the moment and the
homework centre will commence once a container is on site.

We have ensured that every school going child, from Grade R has been
registered at a local school, covering most of the school registration fees.

Senzo and Sanele Dlamini have started their high school at Northwood Boys
High, as a result of a generous donation and two-year bursary for each boy.

Where necessary we have purchased one set of uniforms for each child and the
parents have covered the remaining costs.  In addition, each child has been
given a new pair of school shoes together with two pairs of socks. All
stationery requirements for each child have also been covered by the fund.

Our goal this year is to have several tiers of educational assistance
operational by March 2018. All of these depend on having a modified
multi-purpose container on site at the settlement.

It will be used for the following purposes:

Homework Centre: at least three times a week in the afternoons
after school (dependent on human resources.)

Early Child Development: three mornings a week offering
opportunities for the small kids to receive preschool stimulation and
creative activities. One of the residents will be trained for this purpose.

Basic English Training: two mornings a week offering basic
English lessons using the Neema Foundation basic English model and resources
(still to be purchased – these will also be used to teach the children who
struggle with English).

Hang out Centre: to a place for the kids to spend time having
access to books and creative resources. Available in the afternoons when the
homework center is not on.

Skills development: use the container when available to teach
the women various skills such as sewing, knitting, creative arts etc.
Anything that would empower them to become fully sustainable in a business

School Planning 2019

We have identified the following needs to be implemented this year for the
2019 school year:

Better school opportunities for outstanding learners:

Kholeka Mdlalose: currently at Parkhill High School in Grade 9. To get her
into Northlands Girls High School for Grade 10 in 2019

Ongeziwe Qobo: currently in Grade 7 at Avoca Primary. To get her into
Northlands Girls High for Grade 8 in 2019.

Grade R and Grade 1 Learners

There are approximately 5 kids who will be going to Grade R and Grade 1 in
2019 and the plan is to get them registered at a better school like
Greenwood Park Primary, Northcrest Primary, Rosehill Primary and Durban
North Primary.

Post Matric

Provide scholarship opportunities for Siphamandla Dlamini who will be
completing his matric certificate this year, and who wishes to study
architecture. This will involve a post matric intensive year of Math upgrade
to Core Math and then application to DUT for Architecture.


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