“Overcoming poverty is not an act of charity, it is an act of justice. It is the protection of a human right. The right to dignity and a decent life”

Nelson Mandela

Who We Are

The Amaphupo Yezingani Seed Fund is a registered NPO and PBO, actively seeking to be a catalyst for change in severely disadvantaged communities, thus bringing about transformation aimed at significantly alleviating poverty in these communities.

The majority of our beneficiaries are residents in the Malacca Road informal settlement where we have been active since 2009.

Whilst we adopt a holistic approach to community upliftment, our priority is the children, who represent a whole new future.

In order to achieve our objectives we require financial and material donations from our community of corporates and individuals. Should you wish to play a role in bettering the lives of our community in any way please contact us.


severely disadvantaged and impoverished communities


and ignite the dreams within children, so they may realise their true full potential


a shift from of life of lack – to a life of prosperity and purpose

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